New Years Day 2015


Olive Profumate(v) – Green olives marinated in garlic and fresh chili €4.45
Cuori di Carciofi (v) – Artichoke hearts slow cooked in lemon, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil €5.95
Salsiccia Calabrese – Traditional air dried sausage from Calabria flavoured with garlic, fennel and chili €5.95
Crostini al Grossetano (g) (d) – Pureed cannellini beans and guanciale on toasted bread with rosemary oil €5.50
Frittelle di Ricotta e Pecorino Romano (v) (d) (e) (g) – Ricotta and Pecorino fritters €5.85
Salmone Marinato al Dolce (f) (m) – House cured and thinly sliced salmon fillets,
marinated with a lemon and mustard €6.95
Calamari Fritti (f) (g) (e) – Deep fried crispy calamari, served with garlic aioli €8.30
Vitello Tonnato (f) (e) (m) – A typical cold dish from Piemonte; thinly sliced veal covered with a creamy tuna and caper dressing €8.50


Zuppa di Zucca e Pomodoro alla Zimentina (v) (d) (g)
Cream of pumpkin and tomato soup, flavoured with sage and gorgonzola dolce latte

Pennette con Pesto Trapanese (v) (g) (n) (d) €10.25
A traditional Trapani pesto of garlic, basil, almonds, fresh tomato and grana Padano

Garganelli al Ragu di Coniglio (d) (g) €11.65
Artisan made pasta tubes with a rich confit of rabbit sauce

Linguine al Sugo di Gamberi e Zucchine (g) (f) (sf) (d) €11.85
Linguine tossed in a flavourful prawn bisque with king prawns, diced courgettes, cherry tomatoes,
garlic and a little pepperoncino

An additional charge of €2.50 for pasta dishes served as main course.


Controfiletto di Manzo Scottona €24.95
Prime sirloin of scottona beef, topped with grana shavings and gremolata (lemon, parsley and garlic dressing)

Galletto al Profumo di Limone €17.75
Grilled spatchcock baby chicken rubbed with garlic, chili, fresh herbs, pink peppercorns and lemon

Stinco d’AgnelloBrasatoPian Piano (d) (g) €19.85
Braised lamb shank in a rich red wine gravy

Filetti d’ Ombrino con Carciofi e Capperi (f) €23.75
Poached fillet of brown meagre (Gurbell); with finely chopped artichoke hearts and capers

All main dishes are served with vegetables and roasted potatoes

Important: The following are indications of food allergens that some dishes may contain. Should you have any dietary
requirments or allergies, kindly inform a member of our staff when your order is being taken.
(V) vegetarian, (D) dairy, (G) gluten, (N) nuts, (F) fish, (SF) shell fish, (E) egg, (M) mustard
(Vegetables and potatoes may contain dairy products such as butter)

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