New Years Eve Menu



Funghi Ripieni € 5.50
Mushrooms stuffed with fresh ricotta, gorgonzola, walnuts and spinach

Vitello Tonnato € 7.95
Thinly sliced veal covered with a traditional creamy sauce of tuna,
capers, garlic and mayonnaise

Suppli’ al Telefono €7.25
Crispy croquettes of moist, basil flavoured risotto blended with mozzarella
fior di latte, grana padano and sundried tomatoes

Polipo alla Luciana €7.90
Slow stewed octopus flavoured with black olives,tomatoes and capers

Pallotte Abruzzese €7.65
A typical antipasto from Abruzzo; moist cheese balls made from cacio cavallo,
pecorino, grana and eggs all simmered in a fragrant tomato salsa


Zuppa di Gamberi e Zucchini €6.95
Prawn and courgette soup finished with herb oil

Tortiglioni alla Salsiccia Nostrana € 9.85
Macaroni with La Cucina’s own sausage meat, fresh thyme, grated grana,
mascarpone cheese and a light tomato sauce

Pennette del Presidente € 9.85
Penne with beef strips, balsamic vinegar, garlic, rosemary, a hint of fresh
cream and grana Padano

Penne al Salmone affumicato in casa, Pomodoro e Crema €10.45
Penne with fresh in-house smoked salmon, tomato
concasse finished and cream

Risotto con Calamari, Limone preservato, Pesto ai Pomodori Secchi, e Pecorino €9.95
Smooth arborio risotto, with calamari, preserved lemon,
sundried tomato pesto and pecorino cheese

An additional charge of €2.50 for pasta dishes served as main course
(v) Vegetarian


Filetto di Manzo ai Ferri con La Salsa Boscaiola €25.95
Grilled fillet of prime beef served with a mushroom, rosemary and balsamic sauce

Bistecca ai Ferri €23.95
Char-grilled ribeye of prime beef served with a choice of butters:
Roasted garlic and thyme, peperoncino and paprika,preserved lemon and red peppercorn

Porchetta alla Romana €17.50
Slow roasted de-boned suckling pig served with its own gravy

Stinco d’Agnello Arrosto €17.65
Oven braised lamb shank served in a red wine gravy

Coscia di Pollo Ripiena con salsicca, pistacchi e pancetta con
salsa al vino Marsala €16.65
Boneless chicken thigh, stuffed with a sausage meat and pistachio stuffing wrapped in bacon and served with a marsala gravy

Filetto di Spigola in padella con Pomodorini e Olive neri,
saporito con Olio d’Erbe Aromatiche €19.75
Pan seared seabass fillets served with black olives,
cherry tomatoes and herb oil

All main dishes are served with fresh vegetables and roast potatoes


Tiramisu Classico €4.90
A traditional dessert from Rome, from northern Italy made with savoiardi biscuits,
mascarpone cheese, caffe espresso and Marsala wine

Semifreddo al Limone €4.90
Typical sweet made with, mascarpone cheese fresh lemons and limoncello liquer

Mousse al cioccolato €4.90
Chocolate mousse, with pistachio cream set on a dark chocolate sponge cake

Pannacotta al pesca e Amaretto €4.90
A traditional Piemontese recipe of Amaretto flavoured cream and peach puree

Cassata Siciliana €4.90
Made with thin layers of spongecake, moistened with sugar syrup and layered with a mixture of ricotta, candied peel, and dark chocolate chips, topped with a cover of marzipan

Crostata di Mele €3.95
Warm Apple pie served with Vanilla ice cream

Sorbetto di Limone € 3.95
Smooth and refreshing lemon sorbet

Gelati Artigianali Siciliani
An assortment of Sicilian ice-creams: Nutella (hazelnut cream), Cioccolato (rich chocolate), Cannolo Siciliano (ricotta flavoured), Fior di Panna ( pure cream- you may consider having your favourite liqueur poured over it) € 2.00 per scoop

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