“Food, people and setting … a great place to be”

I have been at this restaurant very regularly, as I lived in the complex where it is located. Despite the frequent visits I must say that the variety and experience of eating there never got boring.

Originally a tapas restaurant called “Salini” the restaurant converted to a very nice place with a focus on Italian cuisine. The setting is very comfortable with its warmth in décor. One side of the restaurant has sliding doors along the length of the establishment which bring a lot of light and very nice views of Valletta, the capital city of Malta. There is a terrace area where you can also eat outside and enjoy the weather and view.

La Cucina del Sole has a very decent selection of food, hot and cold starters, mains and a nice selection of fresh desserts which are presented on a platter for ordering. The restaurant offers frequent specials, different every week and always has fresh fish and seafood which varies by the season. They will bring you the cooked fish and fillet it for you right by the table. In mid-2011 a wood-burning pizza oven was installed and you can order a really nice typical thin crust pizza to eat or for take-away. Try the “Piccantino” which is spicy but very very good or do what I did: just get a basic pizza and put it together with your own toppings.

So, there’s setting, food and now perhaps what made me come back all the time: the people. Run by manager Karl who is a really nice guy who is always extremely attentive to his customers, the staff distinguish themselves from other places by their positive attitude. Always up for a joke when called for or keep their professional distance when you want to be left alone. Always receive you with a smile.

My “insider” recommendation is less one for food as you really need to explore and try out all sort of things, particularly the specials, but remember that winters in Malta can be cool and rainy. As the restaurant is a short walk from The Point you can reach it through the underground parking through a tunnel system which has enough signage so you don’t get lost. This way you can avoid the elements when it is rainy.

L-ikla t-tajba! Bon apétit!

Richard Sutherland

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